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Read & Write

Read & Write is now available to LCPS students for home installation. 
Read&Write is a literacy support tool available as software, an app, and even a browser extension. It's suite of 10 features was developed to encourage readers and writers -- especially those with special language or literacy needs (ELLs, students with dyslexia, etc.) -- to access texts and improve their skills.
With Read&Write installed, students can listen to any passage (documents and webpages) with a line-by-line text-to-speech option or with a screenshot reader; or if they want to listen later, they can make an MP3 of the passage using the Audiomaker feature.
To support understanding and comprehension, users can decode words in a passage using either a dictionary or picture dictionary. It also has a translator option to support understanding of foreign language words, as well as vocabulary builders.
As students read a passage, they can use four different highlighters to note important information. The highlights can then be collected and gathered onto another document for safekeeping and reading by the text software. Students can practice reading aloud by highlighting a passage and then tapping the Practice Reading Aloud button. This prompts them to record themselves reading the text and use other features to improve fluency.
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