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Reflex Math



Reflex math


Students at Countryside Elementary have an opportunity to work with an exciting new math product. ExploreLearning Reflex is an online, game-based program that helps students build fast and effortless recall of math facts.


Research has shown that quick recall of math facts is critical for future success in mathematics. More advanced mathematical processes often require students to know a lot of math facts. So, it’s important to master these basic facts before tackling more challenging problems.


Students have been using Reflex in class several days a week for about 10-15 minutes at a time, and they are making steady progress towards fluency. Since Reflex is online, students are able to continue using it at home.


Your child can access Reflex from home with these simple instructions:


1.    Using an Internet connected computer with Flash Player 10.1 (or higher) installed, type in this web address:

2.    Click on the Launch button in the upper right corner

3.    Enter the teacher’s username

4.    Click on the appropriate class (if applicable)

5.    Click on your child’s name

6.    Enter your child’s password



You child’s teacher has given out their logon information.


Reflex is structured to provide a short daily assessment of student progress, then coaching on new facts, and finally fact practice in the games. There are five games that students can choose from, and they can play as many as they want each day.


Because Reflex includes fun games, a student’s brother or sister might want to give it a try.  It is important that other children not use this account.  Reflex continually monitors student progress and adapts to each student’s individual needs.  Because of this adaptivity, having multiple children use the same account will have a negative impact on your child’s progress.   You can sign up for a free 14-day trial at for up to 5 other children to try Reflex.