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Countryside Houses

You may have heard by now that we have a new and exciting program up and running at

Countryside! Our students have been separated into houses to promote school community!
Students within a class are mixed into all of the houses. This will give our students
opportunities to meet other students and staff among all of the grade levels. Each house has
about 125 students. They have their very own handshake, constellation name, and color! The
houses will have a meeting once a month to work on being good characters and to practice
team building! The houses are as follows:
• Hercules/Red
• Draco/Yellow
• Pegasus/Purple
• Andromeda/Blue
• Phoenix/Green
• Orion/Orange
We are now using a school wide point system. The students can earn points for their house
for good deeds. We want to show our respectful, responsible, and ready to learn behavior!
The PBIS committee is keeping track of school points daily. Students have a chance for
shoutouts on the morning announcements and leading houses will be recognized. All students
within the house with the highest points at the end of the month will receive a prize! This
month the winning house will receive Chik-fil-a! The students will have opportunities to vote
upon other reward ideas for the upcoming months.
We hope that your children are very excited about this program. We know the staff is
definitely looking forward to watching the students at Countryside Elementary show us their
best as we become a more connected school family!
The PBIS Committee