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Your child can access Reflex from home with these simple instructions: 

1.    Using an Internet connected computer with Flash Player 10.1 (or higher)
2.    Click on the Launch button in the upper right corner
3.    Enter the teacher’s username--see below.
4.    Click on the appropriate class (if applicable)
5.    Click on your child’s name
6.    Enter your child’s password --student # and month/birthday

1st Grade: chendershot or jmaulfair
2nd Grade: nbossi 
3rd Grade: clynch14
4th Grade: mcookus
5th Grade: bcornell

Reflex is structured to provide a short daily assessment of student progress, then coaching on new facts, and finally fact practice in the games. There are five games that students can choose from, and they can play as many as they want each day.

Because Reflex includes fun games, a student’s brother or sister might want to give it a try.  
It is important that other children not use this account.  
Reflex continually monitors student progress and adapts to each student’s individual needs.