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Black History Month

The History of African American History Month

February 1st marks the beginning of African American History Month. This month started as a week of celebrating African Americans in History. African American History week was started by Dr. Carter G. Woodson, disturbed that history textbooks largely ignored America's black population; Woodson took on the challenge of writing African Americans into the nation's history.

In 1976, African American History Week expanded into African American History Month.

Every year, during African American History Month, America celebrates the invaluable contributions that the African-American community has made to the culture and history of OUR nation. The celebration of Black History Month is not only a celebration of black life and culture, but a celebration of experiences that have helped our evolution with regard to civil rights in America. 

Look at your neighbor and say, “We are America” and remember that our shared history is something to celebrate and serves as an inspiration to our diverse school community. It is important for students and staff to understand that we all can have a positive impact on civil rights or any other injustices regardless of race, class, creed, sexual orientation or gender.