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Individual Learning Devices

Individual Learning Devices – River Bend Middle School 


Will all students at River Bend Middle School receive a device?

Yes, all students will receive a Lenovo 300e Chromebook!



When will devices be handed out to students?

We will begin the distribution on Monday, August 27, 2018 for 8th graders; 7th graders will receive their device on Wednesday, August 29, 2018; 6th graders will receive their device on Thursday, August 30, 2018; makeups will occur on Friday, August 31, 2018 and throughout the school year.



What happens if a student loses or damages their Chromebook?

Any lost or damaged device must be immediately reported to a River Bend faculty member or member of the administrative team. LCPS will attempt to repair any damages. During this time, a loaner device may be issued to a student through the River Bend library. In cases of lost, stolen, or intentional damage, the same process will be followed and additional documentation may be required.



Do we still need to allow students to bring and use their own devices (BYOT) if they have a school-issued Chromebook?

Issuing individual learning devices to students is a complement to, not a replacement for, our division’s BYOT initiative. Unlike many schools in LCPS, River Bend Middle School is unique because of our involvement with personalized learning and our partnership with Educational Elements and Apple. Since 2015, we have incorporated almost a thousand additional devices (e.g. iPads, Chromebooks, Fire Tablets, etc.) into our school. Because of the increased technology available at River Bend, students do not need to bring their own personal device to school. Cell phones must be off and away during the school day unless the device is being used for instructional purposes under the direction of the classroom teacher. Every student at River Bend Middle School has full access to school-owned devices and individual learning devices (Lenovo 300e).



What software and services will be available to students on their Chromebook?

A Chromebook does not run traditional software applications like a Windows PC or Mac. Instead, Chromebooks provide access to software applications that run on the internet. These “Cloud Applications” can be accessed and used on a Chromebook just like they can on any modern web browser. G Suite for Education and Microsoft Office 365 are two “cloud-based” productivity suites of software applications that students can use on their Chromebook.

Chromebooks can also run small software programs called Apps or Extensions that can be installed on the device. Students can only install apps and extensions that have been approved by LCPS.

Students can access many other cloud applications and resources through LCPS GO/Classlink.



What kind of training will be provided for students?

River Bend students will complete a “Student Boot Camp” in August 2018. This training will give our students an introduction to their device, including discussions about how these devices will support their learning, their responsibilities when using their school-provided device, the basics of using their Chromebook for personal productivity, and using their device for learning at home.



Do students need to sign an agreement form?

Yes. Students must sign a laptop agreement form to acknowledge their responsibilities of using and caring for their device. The form must be signed by students and parents and returned to school.  Students do not need to have a signed form before they are issued their device, but students and parents should be notified that if a signed form is not returned within 10 days of receiving the form, the student will need to keep their Chromebook at school until the signed form is returned.



How can parents learn more about this initiative?

LCPS is developing a Student Chromebook Handbook that can be shared with parents to answer many of the questions they might have about this initiative. In addition, the Department of Instruction and Department of Digital Innovation are building a website to serve as a resource for parents and other stakeholder groups.



Are students required to get a case for their Chromebook?

Although a case or protective sleeve is recommended, students are not required to purchase a case for their device.



Can students decorate or personalize their devices?

Students can add decorations or personalize their device as long as those decorations are removable. For example, they may use decorative clings on their device that can be easily peeled off but should not use stickers that will leave a permanent residue.  Any accessory or personalization may not interfere with the operation of the device (e.g. accessories that could damage the screen when closed).



Will students be able to charge their assigned device while at school?

Students will be expected to arrive to school and class with their assigned device fully charged.  The Chromebooks selected for students can operate for 10+ hours on a single charge. 



Should students take the device home?

Yes, these devices are intended to go home so student learning opportunities can span beyond the school day. There may be specific circumstances that require a student to keep their device at school, and those will be handled on a case-by-case basis.



Will devices be returned to the school at the end of the school year?

Yes, devices will be returned to the school over the summer.  Upon the next school year, students will be issued the same device they used in the year prior, unless the student is moving to another school.  At the close of the school year, eighth grade student devices will be redistributed to incoming students. 



As students unenroll from school, where do they return their device?

Before a student leaves River Bend Middle School, they must return their device to the school.



What if a student doesn’t have internet access at home?

Students who do not have internet access can still utilize their Chromebook offline to perform productivity tasks such as creating or editing documents. Students that do not have internet access at home may be able to take advantage of free wireless access/hotspots at their local library, local coffee shops, restaurants, etc.



Are student Chromebooks filtered or monitored when off school property?

Yes, regardless of the wireless network the device is connected to, internet traffic on student Chromebooks is always routed through the LCPS internet content filter. In addition, LCPS uses a monitoring service called Gaggle, which monitors the content of students’ email, Google Drive, and Office 365 OneDrive and reports content that is concerning.



What if a parent doesn’t want their child to have access to a Chromebook?

If a parent does not want their child to have access to their Chromebook at home, arrangements can be made to keep the device at school.