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We were excited to celebrate our Excellence in Education students on April 7 during a virtual ceremony. This long-held tradition is in collaboration with LCPS and the Loudoun Education Foundation. This year marks the 38th year of this tradition, and we are delighted to recognize 18 seniors this year who are among the top five percent across Loudoun County Public Schools in their academic achievements.

In addition to recognizing the outstanding achievements of our students, each student had the opportunity to honor an educator who made a difference in their life. We would also like to recognize these educators who have positively impacted our Excellence in Education students.

We celebrated the accomplishments of the following students and their teacher honorees:

  • Sahana Arumani honoring educator Rachel Bartanowicz
  • Henry Arze honoring educator Teresa Breitenthaler 
  • Gurleen Bhathal honoring educator Heidi Trude
  • Molly Donlon honoring educator Erin Boldin
  • Avery Donmoyer honoring educator Erin Boldin
  • Daniel Donofrio honoring educator Teresa McConnell
  • Fiona Evan-Wells honoring educator Anja Niemann
  • Delaney Herr honoring educator Zach Collins
  • Ever Johnson honoring educator Michael Krepich
  • Amna Louati honoring educator Shea Finny 
  • Katherine McGushen honoring educator Paige Cox
  • Brian Minnick honoring educator John Chapin
  • Tara Morin honoring educator Kelly Holowecki
  • Faith Nguyen honoring educator Michael Krepich
  • Georgia Riccobene honoring educator Rebecca Lewis
  • Norah Rivett honoring educator Shea Finny
  • Arya Tadepalli honoring educator Rodney Snyder
  • Julie Willis honoring educator Jose Rodriguez

We would like to invite you to watch the recording of the livestream of this virtual celebration by using the following

We would like to also share with you a copy of the presentation.

It was an honor celebrating these students and educators!