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Other Offices within HRTD



Elementary, Secondary & Special Education

The Elementary, Secondary, and Special Education teams provide human resources support to all schools within the school division.  The Elementary team supports the school division’s 58 Elementary schools, including Middleburg Community Charter School and Hillsboro Charter Academy.  The Secondary team supports 17 Middle schools and 16 High schools as well as the Academies of Loudoun, and Douglass School.   Human Resources activities for the school division’s countywide special education programs are also supported.



Evaluation includes review of evaluation procedures and policies, timelines, training, implementation monitoring, and assistance for managers as well as employees in understanding evaluation procedures.


Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS)

Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS) is the area that merges the Human Resources function with Information Technology. The HRMS team is responsible for operating and supporting Human Resources related technological tools as well as managing and analyzing data for current and former employees of LCPS.



Operations is comprised of Licensure, Pre-employment Specialists, and Help Desk staff.  The Licensure team consists of four grade level licensure specialists that work with all licensed employees within the school division.  The Pre-Employment Specialists conduct employment reference checks and criminal background checks.  



The Recruitment team is committed to supporting all of our schools by recruiting high-performing candidates to fill teaching positions. Our strategic goals are focused on diversifying our teacher workforce to serve our diverse community, as well as supporting principals with filling teaching positions in critical shortage areas. 


Support Services

The Support Services team provides human resources support to all schools within the school division. The classified positions the Support Services team supports within the schools include, but are not limited to, cafeteria managers, cafeteria workers, head custodians, and custodians. Some examples of non-school based positions they support include, but are not limited to, school psychologists, educational diagnosticians, and social workers. The Support Services team also supports the Central Office, Facilities Services, School Nutrition, Safety & Security, and the Division of Transportation.