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On-line Purchasing

We are using a new LCPS on-line tool for parents to make certain purchases.
When you go to make a purchase:
1. You will arrive at the home page.
2. Click the "Sign In" tab to establish an account as a "New User". You will be able to use this account in the future whenever any LCPS school is selling items using this tool.
3. Return to the "Home" page and click on middle schools.
4. Select "J. L. Simpson Middle School"
5. Make your purchase (also referenced as an "Obligation")
Click here for helpful information when selecting the "QUANITY" needed if quantity is involved. 
If you have a question, contact our bookkeeper, Mrs. Doyle at 571.252.2840 or email her at Victoria.Doyle 
We appreciate your patience and support as we move to increased on-line purchases and payments.