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1:1 Device Information for Grades 3-5

Loudoun County Public Schools2018-2019
Loudoun County Public Schools
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The purpose of the Individual Learning Device program in Loudoun County Public Schools is to provide a collaborative and creative environment for all learners. This environment will allow teachers to implement transformative uses of technology and allow students to take ownership of, and responsibility for, their own learning.


Our goal is to provide students the access to the tools, resources, and information that they need to make meaningful contributions to the world. Students will be able to use their device to practice important skills that will help them develop as creators, collaborators, communicators, and critical thinkers.


Loudoun County Public Schools is committed to providing learning experiences that lead to deeper learning of core content and competencies through the context of authentic, challenging problems. With their individual learning device, students will be able to use real-world tools and practice real-world skills as they work to solve challenging problems that impact their world.


Device Purpose


The purpose of the Chromebook is to provide each student access to tools, resources and information to support their learning. The device allows student access to G Suite for Education, Microsoft’s Office 365, educational web-based tools, as well as many other useful internet resources. Students will use their devices not only to consume information and content, but also to become creators of content that contribute to the world.




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**Students are receiving Lenovo 300e Chromebooks