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Need to buy a Charger?

Your charger is lost or missing, or it is broken and not covered under warranty (dog chewed cord, dropped and broke port, ran over with car): You MUST buy a new charger.


(NOTE: If you current charger is broken due to normal wear and tear, you may get it repaired).


How to buy a new 300e Charger


It must be a genuine Lenovo charger:

Lenovo 45W AC Power Adapter

Part #: 4X20M26252


DO NOT purchase a 3rd-party charger - It will void the warranty on the Chromebook!

Any 3rd-party charger turned in WILL NOT be accepted (you will be charged to purchase a genuine Lenovo charger).



  • Buy one through Harmony:
  • Purchase one through MySchoolBucks. Download the information here. With this option the charger will be shipped directly to you!
  • Purchase one on your own. A search of the Part Number Lenovo 4X20M26252 will come up with hits.