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Harmony Attendance Bulletin


How to report your student’s Attendance - ParentVUE 

This year we will be using ParentVUE as our primary tool for families to communicate student absences, tardies, and early dismissals for our school.  You will find the Report Attendance function in both the mobile app and web version for all your LCPS students.  Information on the process, including a short video demonstration, can be found on the ParentVUE Attendance Options page.


ParentVUE Attendance Reporting is the preferred method of reporting absences, tardies, and early dismissals.  Through ParentVUE Attendance you can report today’s attendance and future attendance items.  You can upload doctor’s notes as well.


A Reminder: Please have all attendance items (Tardies, Early Dismissals, Absences) reported through ParentVUE or the Attendance Line by 9:30am.  If you would like your student to receive a note to meet you in the main office, you will need to submit the early dismissal by 9:30am.  For early dismissals reported after 9:30am your student will be notified once you arrive at the main office. Only parents and guardians are allowed to pick up students without written notice to the school.  To allow any other individual to pick up your child,  a parent or guardian will need to include the individual’s name in the Early Dismissal notice to the school.   



If you are notifying us of an absence, please let us know what kind it will be by selecting a number below and notifying our school registrar with the dates of the absence and reason # below (Reporting in ParentVUE add to the Notes portion or email Erin

Per VA state code and LCPS “reasons for absences.”


ABSENCES that prevent students from being in school:

  1. court appearances (excused)
  2. death in the family (excused)
  3. medical or dental appointments (excused)
  4. out of town/ vacation (unexcused)
  5. personal illness (excused)
  6. religious holidays (excused)
  7. sporting event/tournament (unexcused)
  8. travel with educational purpose (excused)


Sample notification: (Add to notes in ParentVUE or by email)

Ms. Goodlin,

My child, FIRST NAME LAST NAME in GRADE level, will be absent from DATE to DATE, for absence reason “#4 personal illness.”