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Grow Greenly - Video Feature


Grow Greenly is a startup business by four students from The Academies of Loudoun that produces biodegradable plant pots. These biodegradable plant pots will reduce plastic pollution and eliminate the need for harmful chemical fertilizers.


The Grow Greenly Plant Pot is made entirely of Biosolid materials. It is comprised of Leaf-Based compost, water, corn starch (binder), and locally sourced water pellets.


The Grow Greenly plant pots are planted straight into the ground and eliminate many of the current tedious methods of gardening. Since the plant pots are made of leaf-based compost, farmers and gardeners can be assured that growing food is safe. The plant pots also eliminate any need for chemical fertilizers. The natural ingredients of the plant pot are diffused into the soil and are taken in by the plant. The natural fertilizer also matches the growth of the plant and supports it while it grows.