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BFF &Peer Buddies program celebrated with LIFE students at Winter Awards

At Dominion High School's Winter Awards Ceremony, students in the BFF and Peer Buddies program were celebrated with our LIFE students as our True Titans.


The BFF Club is a friendship-based service organization.  The mission is to promote friendships between general education students and those with special needs within the school community.  Members of the club plan and host social events for our students in the LIFE Program.  In addition, they practice inclusion of students with special needs in the hallways of our school, in the cafeteria, at football games, school plays, and other school-wide events.  This year the BFF Club has flourished under the leadership of Caroline Hess and Sierra Ward!


In its first year of existence, the Peer Buddies program pairs general education students with students with special abilities in the inclusive classroom setting. The peer buddy provides assistance to her buddy, empowering students to find academic success in a highly supportive environment. Many thanks for our Peer Buddies: Julia Jones, Brenda Cuevas, Brianna Traenkle, Lindsay Clair, and Cora MacMillan.


LIFE Students