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Mrs. Rogaliner's Bison Brief (Week of October 13th)

Bison Brief for the Week of September 30th, 2019

Hello Buffalo Trail Families,

I hope you enjoyed the long weekend!  Because school is closed on Monday, this will be a “moveable” Monday week.  The change to the schedule helps to insure that students in Monday classes have an equal number of specials sessions as the Tuesday – Friday classes.  See this week’s schedule below. Thank you to all the room parents who attended this year’s orientation sessions.  We are looking forward to these partnerships that will support each classroom at BTES.


Mrs. Rogaliner, Principal



  1. Third Grade Parents – Are you interested in front row seats at your 3rd grader's musical performance on 11/11? Join your PTA in the month of October and be entered into a drawing for front row seats. Winning families will be contacted the week of November 4th. Visit and click on “Join Now” by October 31st to qualify.

  2. Please welcome Laura Dolan as our SEAC (Special Education Advisory Committee), Representative! Laura is a BTES parent who will bring a voice for our students to the LCPS County-wide meetings. She will also advise your administrators on important information and dialogue regarding support for students with Individual Education Plans.  We are delighted to have her in this important role!

  3. SPECIAL INFORMATION from LAURA:  On Sat., Nov. 9th at 11:00 a.m. - Rockridge High School presents a Sensory-Sensitive performance of the play, “Peter Pan.”   This format allows people with disabilities to experience the arts and can be a great opportunity for those who wouldn’t enjoy the traditional expectations of sitting still and silent for 90 minutes.  They leave the house lights at 50%, keep the volume lower, and allow a judgment-free environment - audience members can have electronics with headphones, can get up and move around, can make noise, etc. Tickets are available on their website:

  4. Please welcome Shawna Feaster as our MSAAC (Minority Student Achievement Advisory Committee) Representative!  Shawna is both a parent and a guidance counselor at BTES.  We are looking forward to working with her in this capacity to represent the minority students in making sure all students have a voice and celebrate their contributions throughout the school year. We are excited about the support, sensitivity, and service she brings to this role as a representative for the BTES community and as an advisor to the administration.

  5. PTA is looking for an Advocacy Chair to join its current Executive Board - Local PTAs provide their families with the tools and forum to collaborate and change policies not only within their children's school, but also at the county, district, state, and national level. This nationally organized and supported advocacy effort is unique to the PTA and sets it apart from unaffiliated Parent Groups. Your BTES PTA is looking for a parent to represent BTES PTA at meetings and work alongside Hunt District regarding legislation on the local/state/national level. For more information visit: or feel free to email your PTA president with questions and/or interest,