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Watch Dog Dads Information


Watch Dog Dads at Buffalo Trail

This program is a national organization and was developed to encourage dads to become a part of the education process in the schools. Moms have been seen in classrooms volunteering for years, this program switches it up a bit by inviting in the Dads. Watch Dogs (Dads of great students) provide positive role models as well as additional academic support and an added safety element to our school environment.

As a Watch Dog Dad after your paperwork is complete, you will receive an invitation with a list of available dates to sign up to volunteer at school. Some dads can only commit one day, but it's best if you are available on a regular basis even if it's only once a quarter. You arrive, sign into the office, get a Watch Dog Dad shirt to wear for the day and your child gets a student shirt as well. They go to class and you come out and help in the car line welcoming students. Afterward, you and your child/children get your picture taken for the Watch Dog Bulletin Board. Your schedule for the day would include volunteering part of the day in your child/children's class working with students in small groups or individually in reading, writing or math. In addition, you will provide support in the PE, Music or library setting. Part of the day will be spent in the cafeteria assisting our students and encouraging positive behavior. You will take a campus stroll checking to make sure our school is secure on the day you are visiting as well as get to be a part of Recess and encouraging good sportsmanship on the playground.

We look forward to working with you this year and always appreciate ideas that can help our program grow. Our Dean, Jackie Bagwell is the contact person for Watch Dog Dads and will be glad to assist you with any questions.

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