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Mrs. Rogaliner's Bison Brief (Week of 3/9)

Bison Brief - March 9th, 2019

Dear Bison Families,

Today is another lovely Sunday and I hope you remembered to set your clocks ahead for Daylight Saving Time. The time change helps all of us enjoy the opportunity to be outside in fresh air a bit longer! Today’s Brief will address some questions from families regarding student health in school. Please be sure to check out the School News section below.


Mrs. Rogaliner

School News

  1. Health and Safety News/Updates – LCPS and each school building team are receiving regular updates for our response to the current health situation. In addition to this overview, I encourage each parent and staff member to visit the FAQ site found on the home page of the LCPS Public Information Office. This page contains answers to specific questions that you may have.

    At this time, the school division is providing each building with increasingly stringent cleaning supplies and protocols. Registered nurses are working with our clinic specialists to monitor reports of student illness and report necessary information from our school.   Buffalo Trail has a triage plan in place for emergencies that may occur. At this stage, the most critical part of our safety process depends on you as a parent. The following tips are provided as part of our school/home partnership for student health. 
  • It is important to show your child that handwashing is a regular daily routine and teach your child how to safely cough by covering his/her mouth. We will reinforce this at school.
  • Recognize symptoms of illness in your children. Each person may respond differently. Don’t send sick children to school. We will call you to pick them up.
  • Know that cold or flu-like symptoms and/or concerns with breathing are a reason to see your doctor and then stay at home to recover. Symptoms will decrease with medicine, but they are not gone until your child is well.
  • ANY fever of 100 degrees or more requires time at home to rest and monitor health. Students and adults must be fever free for 24 hours on their own, without medication before they can enter school.
  • People who have travelled to areas indicated by the CDC as high risk are should not visit the school for two weeks from the date they exited the high risk area.
  • Understand the steps for effectively cleaning surfaces and bed linens. A quick swipe with an antiseptic wipe may reduce some germs but does not eliminate all illness related germs. Bedding should be washed and dried often to keep a clean space for recovery.
  • Check ParentVue to make sure your contact information is current so we can communicate on behalf of your child when necessary. Have an alternative contact in case you can't take calls at work.
  • We will continue to work to take care of the school setting.  Thank you for helping us from home. Together, we will make it through this situation!

  1. Kindergarten Registration for 2020-2021 is underway. Forms for current families to reserve priority seating have gone home. These forms are needed for children who were not registered in 2019-2020 at Buffalo Trail. Please turn them in to the school now. Students who are currently registered at BTES will automatically be registered for the fall.  

  2. Fun Times and Celebrations
  • The second-grade performance was outstanding! We are very proud of the students and staff for this wonderful performance
  • The fourth grade kick-off for their field trip and PBL project was excellent! Thank you to the Loudoun Freedom Center for your guidance and support with this opportunity to learn about Loudoun's history.
  • The PE Team was brave and funny during the awesome SLIME assembly. The PE teachers and representative from the Heart Association had large cups of teacher-made slime poured on them by the top 10 student participants in our school campaign. What a crazy, messy, fun event!
  • The spring book fair was amazing and thanks to our Librarians for all the hard work. Funds raised go back into the library to purchase more resources.
  • The Read Across America week was so much fun. Thank you to our reading specialists for leading these great learning days last week.
  • Daily classroom lessons throughout the school are moving into deeper learning. With 45 homeroom classes, it’s impossible to list them all, but great things are happening everywhere!

  1. BTES grade level shirts are on sale now…order forms were sent home OR you can purchase from the PTA homepage: Cutoff is March 15th. Shirts are great for upcoming field trips and BTES field day on 4/24.