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Lessons in Law Enforcement

Loudoun County Sheriff Mike Chapman congratulated second year Administration of Justice students who completed the Lessons in Law Enforcement program. The nine week program was specially designed by the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office for students interested in criminal justice careers. This was the fourth Administration of Justice II class to have completed the program since 2012. 

The program has provided C.S. Monroe Technology students access to all components of the Sheriff’s Office. In addition, students toured the Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Academy that provides training to law enforcement personnel from 17 member agencies. They were familiarized with the 20 - 24 week training programs recruits need to complete in order to become sworn law enforcement officers.
This exposure has enabled the students to gain valuable insight and develop professional relationships with members of the law enforcement community. The training included specialized programs in the Sheriff’s Office that were implemented to meet the changing needs of law enforcement and the community. Students had a firsthand look at the complex nature of law enforcement. Deputies and Investigators shared some of their most challenging experiences which showed the students the other side of law enforcement not normally visible to the general public. The students completed the training with a better understanding of what it’s like to protect and serve the Loudoun community.
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