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School Supply Lists


Update 8/3/2020:


School Supplies for Distance Learning

School supply lists have been edited to highlight items needed for Distance Learning.  The entire list will be needed when/if your child attends in-person.  For now, only items highlighted in yellow will be needed for Distance Learning.  The items/brand specifics listed on this sheet were brands included in the school supply box for purchase through the PTO until July 14.  If you are purchasing these items on your own, the exact brand is not needed.  For example, Dixon Ticonderoga HG #2 pencils are listed on many grade level lists.  If you are purchasing school supplies at the store, any #2 pencil is fine.  You may even already have pencils at home, in which case you may not need to even purchase more.


School supply boxes were on sale through the PTO until July 14.  The PTO will return the purchased box at no expense to the parent within 30 days.  With the new information, we wanted to be respectful of giving parents options to what was already purchased.  To return your purchased school supply box, contact the PTO school supply contact, Kathi Reich at by Monday, August 17.  All school supply boxes will be distributed to parents before school starts.  More information to come on the plan for distributing those boxes before the first day of school. 


School Supplies for Specials Classes (ART, MUSIC, PE)

On 8/7/2020, a basic school supply list for specials (PE, art, music) will be posted here and emailed to all parents.  Again, you may already have some of the items in your house (like a ball or jump rope, colored pencils) in which case you do not need to purchase a new one. 

We are simply attempting to let parents know what supplies students may need in Distance Learning to make the most of the instruction presented by teachers.  If you need financial support to purchase school supplies, please email  Ken Culbert Elementary and the PTO is committed to ensure all students have school supplies and a financial need will not impede your child’s ability to fully participate in Distance Learning instruction.


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