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Heritage High School Wins Two International Awards

Heritage High School’s Plant the Moon Challenge team, The Purslane Gang, received two International Awards for the Spring 2024 season. The team was awarded the International Title for Best Experimental Design and was named 2023-2024 Best In Show for Overall Experimental Design in Virginia. The team was one of four winners out of 89 teams in Virginia.

“I am so thrilled to see these students recognized for their hard work,” said Amy Goodyear, the Team’s faculty advisor. “Personally, I am so proud of all the students who participated in the Plant the Moon Challenge. They have all grown in their scientific ability and working together as a team to problem-solve challenges as they arise.”

The team was recognized for their work growing plants in Lunar Regolith. Over 1,000 teams participated from around the world during the spring season. Teams were recognized in four categories and at different levels according to grade, both on the state and international levels. The Purslane Gang consists of:

  • Team Leader Reeva Khan - 10th grade

  • Ethan Agustin-Calloway - 10th grade

  • Jasmine McBorrough - 9th grade

  • Joshua Gonzalez - 9th grade

  • Joe Nyilasi - 9th grade

  • Avery Lefman - 10th grade

  • Camila Quino - 9th grade

  • Elijah Woods - 10th grade

  • Willa Tansey - 9th grade

  • Melana Shiring - 10th grade

The team earned a trip to the awards ceremony and science symposium on June 1, 2024, where they will present their scientific research and be recognized for their accomplishments.

Published May 21, 2024