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Stewart Named Virginia Middle School Association (VMSA) Teacher of the Year

Lorraine Stewart, a 6th-grade math teacher at River Bend Middle School, has been named the 2024 Virginia Middle School Association (VMSA) Teacher of the Year. Stewart was selected for her outstanding dedication, compassion, and unwavering commitment to her students and the teaching profession. 

“I am lucky to work in such an amazing building with phenomenal coworkers and outstanding students,” Stewart said. “Our supportive admin team at River Bend is truly the best, and the fact that they nominated me for this award means so much.”

With over twenty-three years of experience in the classroom, Lorraine Stewart embodies the essence of what it means to be an exceptional educator. Through her heartfelt dedication and tireless efforts, she has touched the lives of countless students, colleagues, and families, leaving an indelible mark on the educational landscape.

"Lorraine Stewart’s commitment to her students and her unwavering dedication to the teaching profession make her a truly deserving recipient of the VMSA Teacher of the Year award," said Dr. Elizabeth Sanders, President of the Virginia Middle School Association. "Her impact extends far beyond the walls of the classroom, shaping the lives of those she encounters and leaving a lasting legacy of excellence."

“Mrs. Stewart stands out as a natural leader who proactively builds relationships with students, colleagues, and families,” said David Shaffer, River Bend Middle School Principal. “Her commitment to fostering a collaborative environment is evident in the positive atmosphere that permeates her classroom. As an inherent leader at our school, she consistently identifies areas for improvement and strives to establish a positive culture that meets the developmental needs of adolescent learners.”

Published April 2, 2024