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Loudoun Valley High School student composer gives to Blue Ridge Middle School

Addison Miller is a Loudoun Valley High School senior, and her love for music has blossomed since creating an original orchestral composition in her eighth-grade year at Blue Ridge Middle School (BRMS).

Miller composed her second composition, "Marvel's Backup Song, " which music teacher Mrs. Jennifer Galang had the BRMS orchestra students learn. 

Miller continued to hone her musical skills and returned to BRMS for its winter concert series to conduct "Marvel's Backup Song." Upon entering the stage, Miller shared the impact of her inspirational and supportive teacher, Mrs. Galang, who believed in her and motivated her to live out her creative passion and dream. 

According to Miller, "Composing music has taken me places I never thought I would go. While I've premiered works in Richmond, at George Mason University, and Governor's School, nothing felt quite as special as conducting on the same stage where I premiered my first-ever work four years later. I had no idea what path composing music would take, and Mrs. Galang was the person who helped me start on that path.” 

Miller plans to audition at five different universities to major in cello performance. She intends to continue to compose and looks forward to pursuing her master's in composition. 

Galang remarks, "Addison is an incredibly talented musician. Bringing her back to Blue Ridge to conduct another one of her compositions was amazing. I love her passion for all things music. Being able to provide the space for her and other young musicians to shine is such an honor."  

Principal of Blue Ridge Middle School, Brion Bell, comments, "It was such a magical event to come full circle with Addison conducting her piece. Covid took so much; it was nice to get something back!"

Published January 30, 2024