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Lovettsville Elementary’s annual Souper Bowl scored a touchdown for the Western Loudoun Food Pantry

Lovettsville Elementary students engaged in a valuable and impactful life lesson – the importance of giving back. Two weeks prior to the Super Bowl, Lovettsville Elementary students, led by Physical Education (P.E.) teacher Hugh Brockway, participated in a canned food drive called the Souper Bowl. Lovettsville's canned food drive is connected to the Fuel Up to Play 60 Program a national initiative sponsored by the National Dairy Farmers and the National Football League.


To encourage engagement, the P.E.department made community announcements and set up a collection area with boxes decorated in the colors and logos of the teams playing in the Big Game. Students logged daily food donation totals and tracked how the pendulum swung for the Big Game winner. Data reports are shared during morning announcements and increase motivation and excitement.


Donations this year totaled 1,145 items, nearly double the previous record of 650 items. The donations benefit the Western Loudoun Food Pantry in Lovettsville.  


Brockway shared that the Souper Bowl impacted all involved. The food drive ignites a culture of compassion and giving throughout the school as students take pride in knowing the donations would help families in the Lovettsville community.


Studies back up Brockway’s assertion showing that as adolescents get involved in volunteering, charities and helping others, they also become more invested in their local community. The selfless acts help develop a deeper connection to where they are from and strengthen a sense of belonging. Youth who feel they have something to offer tend to have a more positive school experience, both academically and with peer relationships. 

Published March 6, 2023