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LCPS Choral, Guitar, Jazz Musicians, Composers, Performing Ensembles and Teachers Honored at VMEA Conference

musicians from Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) participated in the 2022 Virginia Music Educators Association (VMEA) State Conference in Richmond on November 15-19. 


Thirty-nine LCPS students performed in the 2022 All-Virginia Guitar Ensemble. This auditioned group was conducted by Grammy-award winner, Andrew York. The overall chairman of the event was Dr. Kevin Vigil, guitar director at Heritage High School. The LCPS members of the All-Virginia Guitar Ensemble include:


Eric Aviles, Freedom High School

Maxi Balabanski, Riverside High School

Nicole Balagao, Briar Woods High School

Aditeya Banerjee, Briar Woods High School

William Blanco Guevara, Potomac Falls High School

Angelica Franco Brito, Potomac Falls High School

Rhys Castel, Freedom High School

Noah Chang, Rock Ridge High School

Harry Cheng, Briar Woods High School

Sophie Detorie, Potomac Falls High School

Joshua Dinh, Potomac Falls High School

Diego Doone, Freedom High School

Luke Dumas, Potomac Falls High School

Sofyan Elshaer, Heritage High School

Nader Elsharkawy, Riverside High School

Raghav Goel, Briar Woods High School

Maximo Herrera, Freedom High School

Ethan Hyun, Freedom High School

Parth Jaiswal, Rock Ridge High School

Evelyn Johnston, Potomac Falls High School

Justin Ko, Briar Woods High School

Rishi Kadiyala, Concertmaster Freedom High School

Arjun Kesiraju Briar Woods High School

Rohan Konanki, Freedom High School

Rohit Kulkarni, Freedom High School

Ved Lulay, Freedom High School

Akhil Meda, Lightridge High School

Eshaal Mirza, Briar Woods High School

Khalid Moosa, Freedom High School

Emmanuel C. Nacional, Loudoun County High School

David Navarro, Potomac Falls High School

Lalith Radesh Penumatsa, Rock Ridge High School

Daniel Robinson, Loudoun County High School

Vivienne Rowland, Riverside High School

Andrew Stevens, Stone Bridge High School

Vishwa Sunkara, Freedom High School

Nirav Surabhi, Independence High School

Arnav Vemula, Briar Woods High School

Isaac Yoo, Freedom High School

Three LCPS students qualified for the 2022 All-Virginia Jazz Ensembles. Students were selected by audition from the entire state for participation in two ensembles consisting of 24 students each.  


Ryan Kidwell, Potomac Falls High School

Bradley Nelson, Stone Bridge High School

Mitali Srivastava, Stone Bridge High School


Fifteen senior choral students performed in the 2022 Senior Honors Choir. These students were selected by audition from more than 700 Virginia high school seniors. The LCPS members of the Virginia Senior Honors Choir include:


Hannah Bartz, Freedom High School 

Rena deGuia, Freedom High School

Sarah Fischer, Freedom High School

Keerthana Govindarajan, Rock Ridge High School

Sneha Khandavalli, Rock Ridge High School

Lauren Kim, Heritage High School

Cadence Litteral, Dominion High School

Miya Livingston, Dominion High School

Taylor Livingston, Lightridge High School

Roshan Mohanty, Rock Ridge High School

Maxie Montgomery, Rock Ridge High School

Jocie Schnee, Loudoun Valley High School

Amy Tashiro, Loudoun Valley High School

Jaimie Wall, Loudoun Valley High School

Madison Whitbeck, Riverside High School


The following four LCPS students were recognized for their compositions in the VMEA Composition Festival:


Timothy Adeuya, Independence High School

Donovan McLean, Potomac Falls High School

Stephen Matechak, Freedom High School

Addison Miller, Loudoun Valley High School


The following ensembles performed at the VMEA Conference:


Falcon Singers, Briar Woods High School, under the direction of Nigel Tangredi      

Guitar Chamber Ensemble, J. Michael Lunsford Middle School, under direction of Jared Eastridge

Potomac Falls Guitar Quartet, Potomac Falls High School, under direction of William Hart Wells

World View, Park View High School, under the direction of Dr. Miroslav Loncar


The following LCPS music teachers presented professional development seminars at the VMEA Conference:


Orchestra Director’s Forum, Brittany Dinsmore, panelist, Willard Middle School

Middle School Chorus: A Survivor’s Guide, Erik Jacobs, Willard Middle School

You’re Never Too Young For Jazz: Jazz is Elementary, Allison Kipp, Legacy Elementary

Finding Music for Your Guitar Class: An Introduction to the VGDA Graded Guitar Ensemble List, Aaron Kunk, River Bend Middle School and William Hart Wells, Potomac Falls High School 

A Forum for Beginning Choral Music Teachers, Jordan Markwood, panelist, Rock Ridge High School

How Do I Know What to Teach These Kids: A Survey of Classroom Guitar Methods, Matt Trkula, Loudoun County High School

Guitar for Beginning Guitar Teachers, Dr. Kevin Vigil, moderator, Heritage High School

Forum for Beginning Guitar Teachers, Dr. Kevin Vigil, moderator, Heritage High School

Published November 28, 2022