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Academies Juniors Are Global Quantum Computing Hackathon Winners

Juniors Tanek Swain and Akshita Tiwari of the Academies of Loudoun were among the winners in the
Womanium Global Quantum Computing Hackathon. They were the only high school students in the competition.

The hackathon challenges focused on software, hardware and the business aspects of quantum computing, building from idea to quantum startup. Swain and Tiwari are developing a program that accurately predicts the expected life span of people with adenocarcinoma, a form of lung cancer. Oncologists currently use research studies to make such predictions, rather than patient-specific information.

Swain and Tiwari received a $2,000 seed grant to continue their work along with mentorship opportunities from the six computing companies – Deloitte, IBM, IQM, Quantinuum, ORCA Computing and Strangeworks – that sponsored the event.

The Womanium Global Quantum Hackathon featured a Quantum Training Program from July 10 to Aug. 5 and the solving of hackathon challenges from Aug. 8 to 25. This program trains participants in quantum computing software/hardware and exposes them to entrepreneurship and career opportunities.

Swain’s home high school is Rock Ridge, while Tiwari attends Freedom.

Published September 21, 2022