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Quigley Brings Diverse Experiences to Creighton’s Corner

Brendan Quigley, the new principal of Creighton’s Corner Elementary School, has experience with virtually every elementary educational experience Loudoun County has to offer.  

He served at Guilford Elementary, a Title I school, as a fourth-grade teacher right out of college. After six years in that role, he moved down to second grade for a year. He then taught fifth grade at Countryside Elementary for two years, becoming a summer school principal after the second year. He then became the assistant principal at Seldens Landing Elementary for three years, where Principal Garett Brazina taught him the art of communication. From there, he served three years as the assistant principal of Meadowland Elementary, where he helped in its transition to Title I status.

Quigley’s travels have taught him about the different populations Loudoun County Public Schools serves, as well as a universal truth. “No two parts of the county are ever the same, except for the kids. It doesn’t matter where they are, kids are kids. We have to meet them where they are.

“They’re all sponges; it doesn’t matter if they’re second grade, fourth grade or fifth grade. They’re all excited to learn. It’s our job to capitalize on that excitement. Make sure we’re doing whatever we can to make sure they’re learning.”

Quigley succeeds Chris Knott, who was Creighton’s principal for a decade. Knott left Loudoun County for a teaching position in South Carolina.

“I’m making sure the transition is as smooth and stress-free as possible,” said Quigley. “Mr. Knott left a pretty big hole. The community loved him. I’m trying, as much as possible, to fill that void as quickly as possible.”

Quigley’s leadership style is to be an accessible colleague. “It’s a shared load. I’m going to be right there with everybody. Never be afraid to come and talk to me and ask questions. I love having conversations with people. That’s the most important thing we can do to build trust.”

Quigley set out a clear agenda for his first summer at Creighton’s Corner. “It’s about communicating with the school community and making sure everybody has the same information. I’m not the keeper of that information. I’m the purveyor of that information.

“I’m happy to meet with anybody and start building relationships. Finding what worked well, and building on that, and maybe some things we have to tweak a little bit.”

One tweak Quigley is seeking to make is expanding his new school’s computer-education offerings. Meadowland is a Code to the Future school, where students are immersed in computer science. Quigley has heard from his new stakeholders that many of Creighton’s students take part in computer science, coding and robotics activities outside of school. “We’re going to try to bring something they love to do into the school setting.”

An enhanced computer curriculum fits in with what Quigley sees as public education’s primary mission. “Getting students ready for the future. The jobs these students will have, haven’t been created yet. They will be the ones creating them. It’s our duty to get them on that path now and not wait until middle school and high school.” 

Published August 17, 2022