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Putting Fast Food to the Test

Rarely can a school test be described as “tasty.”

But that was certainly the case May 13 at Lightridge High School.

That’s when students, School Board members and Central Support administrators took part in the “Battle of the Pizza Ovens.” The goal of the event was to determine the "best" oven to purchase for Loudoun County Public Schools’ School Nutrition Program. LCPS plans to eventually outfit every secondary school with one of these cutting edge pieces of technology.

Actually, the term “pizza oven” is a bit of a misnomer. Fourteen menu items, including pizza and restaurant-quality sandwiches (cheese steaks, turkey melt and a vegetarian option among them) were prepared using the compact cooking devices. (Students were not charged for the samples.)

The two competing pizza-oven manufacturers were Lincoln and Turbo Chef. Their ovens can cook a whole pizza in three minutes and five sandwiches in a minute and 20 seconds.

When the taste-testing was done, Turbo Chef was declared the winner.

School Board Vice Chair Ian Serotkin (Blue Ridge District) and member Andrew Hoyler (Broad Run District) were among those taking the taste test. Also taking part in this unique competition were Superintendent Dr. Scott Ziegler, Chief of Staff Dr. Daniel Smith and Deputy Superintendent Dr. Ashley Ellis.

Published June 10, 2022