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Markwood and Fox Awarded Wolftrap Grants


Jordan Markwood, the Fine Arts Department Chair and Choral Music Director at Rock Ridge High School, and Corinne Fox, the Theatre teacher at Potomac Falls High School, have been awarded 2022 Wolf Trap Grants.

Markwood and Fox are among seven teachers in the Washington Metropolitan area to receive the honor. The Wolf Trap Foundation awards grants to performing arts teachers in categories such as “artist residencies” and “arts and social change.”

Markwood’s grant, entitled “Culturally Responsive Art Song Creation,” seeks to provide students from across the Commonwealth with a musical selection from a diverse composer that can be used for All-Virginia Chorus auditions. Markwood, who serves as the Virginia Choral Directors Association (VCDA) Secretary and a member of the VCDA Art Song Committee, has commissioned composer B.E. Boykin to compose an audition selection that will more accurately reflect the diverse population of Virginia. Students will learn about the composition process and use these skills to create their own art songs that reflect their cultural identity before presenting a culminating recital on May 19.

Fox’s grant will support a collaborative effort of theatre, dance, social studies and physics students to create an original theatrical production based on the historic Johnstown Flood of 1889. Students will perform the piece April 23 and possibly share it at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in the summer.

“We hope that the funds and platform we can provide through Wolf Trap’s Grants for High School Performing Arts Teachers Program help raise awareness about critical issues that affect our community, inspire dialogue and offer solutions,” said Cate Bechtold, Wolf Trap’s Director, Internships and Community Programs.

Published March 23, 2022