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Media Rumors Concerning LCPS


Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) would like to address a rumor that has been circulating in our community and in the media. The rumor, which is inaccurate, involves claims that LCPS has taken legal action against students who choose not to follow COVID mitigation measures in our school buildings. LCPS does not have the authority to arrest or charge any suspended students or their parents for trespassing. Furthermore, LCPS has not requested that local law enforcement charge any student with trespassing in connection with recent suspensions. 


Students who decline to follow COVID-mitigation protocols, such as wearing required face coverings after repeated warnings and redirection, may be suspended for “Willful or continued disobedience of school rules and regulations or school personnel” or “Defiance of the authority of any teacher, principal, or other person having authority in the school.” School discipline is outlined in School Board Policy 8210, Introduction to Student Discipline.


Any student who is suspended from school and returns to school property, without administrative permission, may be issued a trespass notice. This is standard practice and a warning that appears on all suspension notices. Again, students suspended for defiance of COVID mitigation protocols will not be charged with trespassing. 


I want to emphasize that, despite some unverified reports in the media, no students have been arrested for trespassing. Media accounts stating that LCPS is arresting students are not accurate, and create fear and potential harm for our students. We want to assure the community that our primary goal is to keep students in school, learning, and safe. 


Scott A. Ziegler Ed.D. 



Published February 4, 2022