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Superintendent Presents Proposed FY 2023 Budget


Loudoun County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Scott Ziegler presented the Fiscal Year 2023 Superintendent’s Estimate of Needs Budget to the School Board on Wednesday, January 5, at the LCPS Administrative Offices in Ashburn.


The $1,567,043,265 proposed budget represents a 5.9 percent increase from the current fiscal year’s budget. The proposed budget prioritizes three areas: student experience, employee experience and investment in sustained excellence. 


This is the first budget Ziegler has prepared as superintendent.


A full budget document is now available online.


Student Experience
New and enhanced programs to improve student experience include:

  • An elementary world languages start-up.
  • An International Baccalaureate start-up.
  • Enhancements to student mental health support, including 24/7 online therapy for students.
  • Enhancements for English learner students, including 32 additional English learner teachers.
  • Enhancements to extracurricular programming, including increased allotments for the performing arts in middle and high schools.    
  • Enhancements to the early literacy program.


As part of the proposed budget student athletic and parking fees would be eliminated for the 2022-23 school year.


LCPS’ student population is expected to grow to 83,039 during the 2022-2023 school year, an increase of 1.7 percent from the official student population of 81,642 this year. (LCPS’ current student population is 82,203.)


The FY23 budget projects an enrollment reduction of 2,828 students or 3.3 percent when compared projections included the FY22 Adopted Budget. Staffing standard positions that are driven by enrollment have been reduced as a result.


Employee Experience
The proposed budget emphasizes investment in LCPS employees. It restructures the teacher’s scale to adjust a market sag in compensation for those in mid-career years; provides step increases and one-time, top-of-scale payments for all eligible employees; cost-of-living increases; and new positions needed to support collective bargaining. The proposed budget supports a 5 percent average salary increase.


Expenses related to personnel costs comprise 90 percent of the budget. (92.3 percent of LCPS staffing is dedicated to classroom instruction in the proposed budget.)  


Investment in Sustained Excellence
The third priority, investment in sustained excellence, focuses on providing division-wide resources to support consistency and accountability. Items in this category include providing 1:1 devices for all kindergarteners; software and hardware solutions; increases in investments for safety and security and communications; funding for full-time school board assistance; and additional support for the Loudoun Education Foundation.  


Among other factors leading to budget increases are increased health insurance costs; opening the new Elaine E. Thompson Elementary School; and the growth in the number of students requiring additional resources, such as English learners and special education students. (The number of students in these categories continues to grow at a faster rate than overall enrollment.)     


Published January 5, 2022