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Ravikumar Named Virginia PTA Volunteer of the Year


Tarun Ravikumar, a 2021 graduate of the Academies of Loudoun and Independence High School, has been named the Virginia PTA’s Volunteer of the Year at the Secondary Level.


The Virginia PTA presents two awards annually--one at the elementary level and one at the secondary level--to local PTA members who have made a significant and positive impact on the school and its students. 


It is highly unusual for a student to be recognized with one of the PTA’s volunteer awards, but Tarun’s involvement in the PTA at the Academies of Loudoun far exceeds what many students are able to contribute.  


Tarun served as the PTA’s Vice President of Events last year and organized two major school events--the Student Challenge and Pi Day. Tarun recruited and managed a team of student volunteers throughout the year. He used his extensive information technology skills to create websites for the events, including a virtual scavenger hunt to keep students engaged while learning virtually during the pandemic. Tarun attended every PTA meeting and served as a voice for students.


Tarun is now attending Georgia Institute of Technology and majoring in computer science.





Published October 4, 2021