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Budget Reconciliation Results in Fee Reductions for LCPS Families


The Loudoun County School Board created a savings opportunity for LCPS families when it reconciled its Fiscal Year 2022 budget at its April 27 meeting.


Ian Serotkin (Blue Ridge District) made the motion to waive the first four AP test fees and to maintain athletic fees at their current level. The motion was seconded by Jeff Morse (Dulles District). In making the motion, Serotkin cited a similar action taken by the Houston Independent School Division (ISD) and the impact that action had on equity. Morse summed up the action by saying, “Any time we can offer more challenging courses to accelerate learning for an underrepresented population, I think it’s an admirable feat.”


School Board Chair Brenda Sheridan (Sterling District) supported the motion, saying, “What I like to remind everyone is that students who qualify for free and reduced meals automatically have these fees relieved from them -- they don’t have to pay them, whether it’s the band fee or the AP fees or athletic fees. The kids that I worry about the most are the ones that come in just above free and reduced because those students are living at the poverty level. Their families probably don’t have money for athletic fees and equipment that you have to provide yourself. Maybe they can’t afford a band rental and that keeps them from being able to participate in an academic class in the fine arts. So those students are the ones that keep me up at night. Those students are probably less likely to be looking at college because it’s a reach, it’s a stretch. So, if we can help them prepare better for college by eliminating the AP fees for the first four (tests) they can take, that will help set those students in a direction to want to attend college and already have that motivating force. That is a wonderful thing to do.”


The motion was part of the School Board’s budget reconciliation. The reconciliation motion, unanimously adopted, allocated $810,000 to eliminate Advanced Placement (AP) testing fees for the first four tests a student would take during their academic career. 


Additionally, the School Board maintained athletic fees at $75 per sport (excluding Tier 3 sports) for Fiscal Year 2022. This amount was reduced last year from the $150 charged in previous years. 





Published May 4, 2021