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LCPS Outlines Plans for 100% Distance Learning

Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) today detailed its current plans for 100 percent distance learning in elementary, middle and high schools in a message to the community.


Information provided includes:

  • How students will interact synchronously (live, online) with teachers.
  • Independent work times for asynchronous learning (independent, without live interaction). 
  • Sample bell schedules for each school level during the 100 percent distance-learning stage.
  • Attendance, participation, assessment and grading.
  • The Code of Conduct in the Virtual Learning Environment.
  • Additional information about distance learning for students with disabilities, English learners, gifted learners, interactions with teachers and other staff members, discipline also is included. 
  • Sample learning time expectations for a hybrid learning phase that represents the general expectations for the structure of the learning day when LCPS is able to return more students to schools.


A new document, Reopening in Stages: 100% Distance Learning Models, is available online on the LCPS Return to School webpage


LCPS is continuing to refine these plans. Principals and their teams at each school are deep in the process of applying these plans to their community. As plans are refined and we move closer to the first day of school, more information will be provided from the central administration and individual school principals.


Published August 6, 2020