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Here Comes the Bus® Available on Monday, April 13


Here Comes the Bus® is an easy-to-use mobile app and website that uses GPS tracking information to allow parents to see when their child’s bus is arriving. The program is easy to follow, has a customizable map and works on either a computer, tablet or smartphone, allowing parents to see where the bus is and how close it is to the child's stop. With Here Comes the Bus® parents can:

  • Get real-time bus location information
  • Track multiple buses at one time 

Because school buildings are closed at this time, the system will be used to track Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) buses as they make meal deliveries. Students will be assigned to the meal stop closest to their home address. Families will see the stop as well as when the bus is coming into the Notification Radius. During a regular school year, the morning and afternoon bus runs would be tracked. 

Due to not being certain what families are taking advantage of the meal service, all students in the county have been assigned a meal stop. While you may not be using the meal service during this time, you can still sign up for Here Comes the Bus® and see a limited version of how it works and learn about the functionality it offers. You’ll be ready for the new school year. 

PLEASE NOTE:  During the meal delivery period, parents will receive notification that the bus is entering the zone around their meal stop depending on your choice of notification (email and/or text). Please monitor the bus in the app or website as you may not receive arrival notification via push or email. Once a run has been completed, the bus will not be visible in the app or webpage. During the regular school year, parents will see when the bus arrives at the stop. 

The program is available in English, Spanish and French. The mobile app can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store. To sign up for Here Comes the Bus®, you will need to know your student’s ID number and school code which is 79902

LCPS is very excited about implementing Here Comes the Bus®. Download the app today so you’re ready on Monday, April 13.

To get started, click here for a Help Guide

You can also visit LCPS.ORG/HereComesTheBus for additional educational materials.