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Douglass School Renovation Meeting Thursday


Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) will hold the first community outreach and engagement workshop regarding possible future public uses at a renovated Douglass School building at 7 p.m. Thursday, December 5. The first workshop will be held in the Douglass School cafeteria.


Douglass School is located at 407 E. Market Street in Leesburg.


The purpose of Thursday’s meeting is to hear what other community uses the renovated Douglass School could serve. The agenda for the meeting includes team and project introductions, breakout sessions, sharing of ideas and next steps.  A second workshop is being planned for the January-February 2020 timeframe.


The Douglass School, which currently houses the LCPS Alternative Education program and Loudoun County Parks and Recreation programs, is scheduled to be renovated, beginning in the summer of 2021, when the Alternative Education Program moves to The North Star School in Leesburg.  The renovated Douglass School is scheduled to reopen in 2022.


LCPS plans to locate its English Learners (EL) Welcome Center, Head Start, STEP (Starting Towards Excellence in Preschool) and Child Find programs into the renovated Douglass School, as well as limited administrative office space and Loudoun County Parks and Recreation programs. 


Beyond these plans, no commitments have been made for future community uses of the Douglass School.


The Douglass School was constructed in 1941 on land that was purchased by the African-American community and transferred to the School Board to secure a facility for the secondary education of their children.  The Douglass School was the only African-American high school in Loudoun County until the end of segregation in 1968. The building is listed in the Virginia Landmarks Register and the National Register of Historic Places. 


For more information on the renovation of Douglass School, please email or call 571-252-1161.