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Visitor Management Protocols for 2019-2020

As students prepare to return to school, the Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) Division of Safety and Security would like to alert parents to new visitor protocols in place at our schools.

Because LCPS is concerned with the safety of all students, it requires all visitors – including parents – to arrive at the main office entrance, activate the external video intercom, state their business and display a government-issued photo identification. Upon confirmation of the visit and verification of the identification, the door will be activated for entrance. However, the visitor must report directly to the main office and obtain a visitor’s badge.

Visitor badges are obtained by scanning the photo identification into a visitor-management system. All visitors, including parents, who will interact with students, will have their information run through a national law enforcement database.

“Safeguarding the students and staff of LCPS is paramount, and these enhanced procedures will help ensure the safety and security of everyone associated with LCPS,” said LCPS Director of Safety and Security John Clark.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and flexibility.