• Online Mathematics Resources

    The following links are free online resources students, parents, and teachers can access to support student learning.  Although some of the following websites may have advertisements, the resources highlighted are free.  The Mathematics Office is not endorsing or promoting the purchase of anything advertised on the websites.
    As students work with the mathematics, encourage students to communicate their thinking.
    Great questions to ask students are:
    • Why?
    • How do you know?
    • Can you explain?
    • Can you do it a different way?

    Inspiring math success for all students through growth mindsets and innovative teaching.


    NCTM Support For Parents
    NCTM President, J Michael Shaughnessy, shares ideas on how we can answer our children's questions about mathematics.

    NCTM Figure Thi

    NCTM's Figure This helps families enjoy mathematics outside school through a series of fun and engaging high-quality challenges.

    NCTM's Illuminations website provides hundreds of online interactive activities and lessons for K-12 mathematics.
    NCTM's Calculation Nation is a collection of engaging online mathematics games for elementary and middle school students.  Students can register for free or login as a guest to play these games.  Students can challenge themselves or play against an opponent.

    Learn Zillion provides free high quality conceptually based math lessons.  When you click on the "Math" button, you can explore lessons ranging from 3rd grade mathematics to high school level mathematics.  Each lesson provides a video explaining the mathematics and the concepts, the lesson slides without the audio component, guided practice for students, and a coaches commentary to discuss the key concepts, misconceptions, and points of emphasis in the lesson.  The video lessons are also available in a Spanish version.
    Khan Academy provides an extensive video library of mathematics lessons and tutorials covering K-12 mathematics and beyond.  The Khan Academy also provides guided practice associated with the video lessons. 
    The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives provides free online interactive manipulatives and activities for Pre-K-12 mathematics.  Students can interact with these online manipulatives to help visualize relationships and concepts.  Choose from grade bands Pre-K through 12th grade, or choose from mathematics strands such as Numbers and Operations to Data Analysis and Probability.  


Last Modified on April 5, 2016