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    Falcon Image Eric Nickerson M.S. Ed
    (D.D.S, M.D, D.L.S, MLitt, & MFA, I.M.H.O)

    Mr. Nickerson is a pan-dimensional (as far as we are certain) being who graduated from the esteemed Clemson University with an B.A. in English in 2005, and the reverential Old Dominion University with a Master's degree in Special Education in 2010.


    Mr. Nickerson escaped his humble pick-pocket beginnings on the streets of Victorian London by taking work as a spearman on the ill-fated whaling ship, Pequod. Proceeding from philosophical and professional differences with the ship's captain and a tussle with a large, albino, aquatic mammal, Mr. Nickerson was believed to have lost his life to the cold embrace of the sea. In "fact," he found himself very much alive on the beach of a small and mysterious island. It was in this unlikely circumstance that he was befriended by and became apprentice to the bibliophile Duke of Milan. After the conclusion of this apprenticeship with the joyous marriage ceremony of the Duke's daughter, Mr. Nickerson returned to society. Following his survival of a distracted, outnumbered, and poorly advertised failed coup d'etat on an insignificant Parisian street, he courted and won the hand of his lovely Helen. The two absconded to America where Mr. Nickerson cultivated a blossoming teaching career in Norfolk, Virginia at Lake Taylor High School.


    Mr. Nickerson has finally arrived at Briar Woods to much laud and fanfare after completing his most recent teaching engagement at McLean High School in Fairfax County. Since 2007, he has been honing his teaching style against the influences of Grant Wiggins, Piscine Patel, Santiago, Vasudeva, and Guy Montag and the old woman on Elm. He enjoys traveling to exotic locales as frequently as his schedule allows and has particularly relished his experiences in places such as: Tralfamadore; Macondo; Medallion, Ohio; Algiers; Inner and Outer Horner; and Eatonville, Florida.


    Mr. Nickerson is happy to expound on any of the aforementioned events whenever asked. It should be noted that Mr. Nickerson feels that including letters after his name inflates his personal sense of stature and importance and that he has a puckish inclination to write about himself in hyperbolic and illusory terms and in the third person. 

    This is what he looks like (he's the one with the beard)

    This is what he looks like

    *He's the one with the beard

    My 2018-19 Schedule:

     1st  English 10 Honors Room 606  5th  English 12 Room 606
     2nd  Falcon Flyer  6th  Planning Room 509
     3rd  English 12  Room 606  7th  English 10 Honors Room 607
     4th  Planning Room 509  8th  English 10 Room 313
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