• Profe D con su familia

     Profe D celebrando su cumple de 36 con sus dos hijos en el National Harbor



     Profesora Delellis is originally from Jacksonville, FL and was born and raised in an all-American family; more American than apple pie!  However, you would never know it as her love for the Spanish language and culture leaves everyone believing she is "una Latina."  She started her jouney learning Spanish when she was seventeen years old.  Her interest sparked after her best friend's mission trip to Mexico.  With the help of her 11th grade Spanish teacher she and her best friend were able to take part in a Rotary sponsored exchange program in Buenos Aires, Argentina. There she attended High school for two months and studied Spanish, Tango, and the art of drinking Mate, along with other Argentinian ways of life.  She returned ambitious to become fluent and in 2003 recieved a Bachelor's in Spanish Literature with a minor in Education.  She landed her first job teaching Spanish at Westwood Middle School in Gainesville, FL.  There she taught three years before having her first child.  She has spent the last eleven years raising her children and teaching them Spanish as it is their native language.  Her son Matias is eleven, and daughter Pilar eight.  They are students at Farmwell Station and Ashburn Elementary. 



    Shortly after her son Matias was born her family moved to Manhattan where they spent four incredible years in the Capital of the world.  They relocatted to Buenos Aires so that her children could be closer to their "abuelos"  and she spent 2 more years engulfed in the Spanish culture and was often told she seemed more Argentinian than American because of her warm personality and how she embraced the culture in more ways than just the "cheek beso."    As much as she loved Buenos Aires she was looking for something more for "sus hijos" and decided to return to the states in 2011 where she currently resides in Ashburn and is certain she has found the right place to raise her children.



    She is excited to share her experiences learning Spanish with her students and inspire them to seek their own journey in learning a Foreign Language.  She loves working with adolescents and looks forward to building long lasting relationships with her students.  



    She welcomes anyone to join her for "Mate" and a Barcelona game any time!





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    Profesora Delellis



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