• Marketing I

    COURSE TITLE: Marketing Non-Co-Op

    PROGRAM: Marketing Education (M)

    PREREQUISITE(S): Screening conference

    DESCRIPTION: Providing instruction that enables students to hold and succeed in an entry-level job in marketing, the course combines classroom instruction with supervised on-the-job training in a local marketing business. In this year of the program, students concentrate on developing competencies needed by marketing workers in the areas of human relations, communications, advertising, display, operations, sales, and product and service technology. The student is provided with a variety of learning methods including practical activities, simulations, computer activities, guest speakers, and role-playing. Co-op students are expected to stay employed throughout the school year in a teacher-approved, marketing-related job. DECA is an integral part of this course.


    STUDENT ORGANIZATION: Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA)

     9122 / NRF Foundation - Customer Service and Sales Certification

    CAREER CLUSTER(S): Marketing; Transportation, Distribution and Logistics

    CREDIT(S): This course provides 1 elective credit(s) for the Standard or Advanced Diploma.

    LAB FEE(S): This course does not have a lab fee.

Last Modified on August 17, 2019