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    Mr. Shangraw in St. Petersburg with Mendeleev

    This is my eighth year as a full-time teacher at Potomac Falls.  Before changing careers into teaching, I spent 20 years as an executive in an environmental and information technology management consulting firm.

    A long time ago (there were only 108 elements on the Periodic Table at the time), I earned a BS in chemistry from the College of William and Mary.  I continued my studies and received a Masters in Chemistry from Harvard University and a Masters in Environmental Health Management from the Harvard School of Public Health.  Between my graduate degrees, I spent two years teaching undergraduate pre-med organic chemistry at Harvard on a full-time basis. While my early career took me in a different direction, I have always had a passion for teaching; I am excited to be teaching here at Potomac Falls.

    I enjoy cooking, travel, and spending time in the outdoors.  I have lived in Loudoun County for 29 years.  I am married with two children; my wife teaches social sciences (US History and DE Gov) at Stone Bridge High School.                         Mendeleev Statue in St. Petersburg, Russia

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