Counseling Team


    Address: 41535 Sacred Mountain Street 

    Aldie, Virginia  20105 

    Office of Counseling:  703-722-2687

    Office of Counseling Fax:  703-722-2688


    CEEB Code:  470-021


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    Your counselor will be in touch within 48 hours. If you have a medical or mental health emergency, please call 911 immediately for assistance.



     Christi Campbell, Director of Counseling 

    Danielle Coniglio, School Counselor A-B

    Andrew Tafaro, School Counselor C-Fl

    Karla ChustzSchool Counselor Fo-J

    Vanessa Keller, School Counselor K-Me

    Laura Thompson, School Counselor Mi-Q

    Darrell Peoples, School Counselor R-Sr

     Rachel Wollenberg, School Counselor St-Z

    Michaela Stewart, College and Career Specialist

    Rita Giampaoli, Administrative Assistant 

    Denise Manzelmann, Administrative Assistant

    Brian Sorg, School Psychologist

    Jennifer McLemore, School Social Worker



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    Class of 2021 text @2021JCHS to 81010 
    Class of 2022 text @2022JCHS to 81010
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