Role and Mission of the Family Liaison
      The primary role of the Family Liaison is to empower parents to become active participants in the education of their children. They will work to bridge the communication between school and home by helping parents get the information and support they need to ensure their child's academic and social success in school.
    Your Family Liaison can connect you to important information including:
    • school rules and procedures
    • special education process
    • athletic programs
    • SOL testing
    • contacting teachers, counselors and administrators
    Your Family Liaison can also connect you to available resources in crisis situations including:
    • housing
    • illness
    • accidents
    • substance and physical abuse
    • behavioral issues
    • food, clothing and school supplies
    IMPORTANT FOR 2023/2024             
    Families needing assistance with paying for school lunches will need to apply for free or reduced lunch every year. If you receive SNAP, TANF or are McKinney Vento you should automatically qualify and do not need to apply. 


Last Modified on April 19, 2024