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    Aerospace Technology I offers an introduction to flight, space, and supporting technologies through a hands-on approach. Students explore the aviation and space industries through the history of aviation, working with aerodynamics and aircraft components, addressing maintenance and safety issues, assessing flight conditions, examining airport and flight operations, and analyzing the concepts of rocketry and space.

    Aerospace Technology II provides an advanced exploration of flight, space travel, and supporting technologies through a problem-solving method and practical application. Students explore concepts in aircraft operations; aircraft design, flight safety and maintenance; airport infrastructure; rocket technology; space systems; and living and working in the aerospace environment.


    Students in Aerospace Technology I will complete the State Course Competencies.

    Students in Aerospace Technology II will complete the State Course Competencies.


    CLICK HERE for the Aerospace I Syllabus paper 

    CLICK HERE for the Aerospace II Syllabus paper 


    1.    I usually arrive at school at 8 A.M. on most days.  I am available then for extra help or instruction. Makeup work or extra credit can also be completed at this time. Students must check with me before the day they would like to come for help to make sure I will be here.
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