• KWC Student Handbook


    Teachers and specialists are responsible for selecting and defining instructional objectives in each curricular area. They follow the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) objectives and county guidelines in implementing the curriculum. Teachers work hard to use grouping strategies and individualization in meeting the differing needs of students.

    Upon return, it is necessary to provide a note stating dates, reason for absence, and parent signature.

    Note: We encourage family trips during school vacations. Extended absences during the school year make sequential learning difficult. Please contact the principal if there are extenuating circumstances. See our website for further information regarding absences.

    Arrival to School

    Early - 7:30 Students will be supervised beginning at 7:30 am. To ensure the safety of all students, car riders should arrive no earlier than 7:30.

    On Time - 7:50

    School starts at 7:50 am. When a student arrives late to school, a parent must escort the child to the office and assist him or her in obtaining a tardy pass to class. If your child accrues an excessive number of tardies or absences, the parent will receive a notice of the school's concern for the student's non-attendance. A pattern of tardiness or absence may result in a referral to the attendance officer.

    Kiss and Ride Rules
    • Drop your child off in the Kiss and Ride traffic lane
    • Pull your car forward as far as possible in the line
    • Make sure that your child exits your car on the building side*
    • Don't pass other cars in line

    *If your child must get out of the driver's side of your vehicle, please get out and escort your child to the curb.

    Car riders will be assigned a number for end-of-day-pick-up. You will receive a card that identifies you as an authorized pick­up person. The card must be displayed as you enter the pick-up area. Your child(ren) (bearing corresponding numbers) will be escorted out of the building by a staff member and the students will get into your vehicle.


    If you need to pick up your child prior to dismissal time, please park your car in a parking space and come into the front office prior to 2:35. Your child will be called from his/her class to meet you there.

    Bus Safety and Bus Routes

    Bus routes and stops are established by the LCPS Transportation Department. Students are expected to maintain appropriate behavior while riding the school bus.

    If your child is to take a different bus, a written request signed by the parent must be presented to the office. The office staff will issue a bus pass for your child to give to the bus driver

    Students who don't abide by the bus safety rules are putting themselves and others at risk. Violations will be dealt with consistently and seriously and may result in the temporary loss of riding privileges.


    If your child is going to be absent or late, please call the attendance line - 540-751-2541 or email us at culbert_absentee@lcps.org.

    Excused absences include illness, medical/dentist appointments, death in the family, court appearances, emergencies that require the student to be absent, and observance of religious holidays.

    Five (5) accumulated unexcused absences will be referred to the Attendance Officer.


    Parent-teacher conferences are held during the first nine-week grading period. Ongoing communication between school and home is essential for student success. If you have concerns, please call the teacher to set up a conference time.

    Field Trips

    Classes may take field trips during the year that relate directly to the regular instructional program. Parents are often asked to help chaperone field trips. For safety and insurance reasons, younger siblings may not accompany chaperoning parents who are using the county's bus transportation.


    The monthly school-wide newsletter informing you of school events will be posted on the Ken Culbert Elementary Web site. If you do not have access to the internet, please request a paper copy through your child's classroom teacher.

    School Website

    The Ken Culbert Elementary Website can be accessed at www.lcps.org/culbert


    In grades 1-5, recess is considered a part of the elementary curriculum. It is defined as a daily 15-minute, teacher-supervised, unstructured break from the teaching and learning routine.


    Our parent volunteers are an invaluable resource. Please contact your child's teacher to check for volunteer opportunities in the classroom.

    Entering the Building

    Ken Culbert Elementary is locked after the 7:50 AM bell. All visitors must ring the front entrance bell and present a picture ID. Upon, entering the building, visitors must sign in at the office.


    Electronic Devices 

    Students may not use any electronic devices on the bus without driver permission.  Teachers coordinate classroom activities using electronic devices.  Cell phones must be kept in the students backpack and can only be used in case of school emergency and with the teacher’s permission.  The school is not responsible for lost or damaged devices.

    Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS)

    Improving student academic and behavior outcomes is about ensuring all students have access to the most effective and accurately implemented instructional behavioral practices and interventions possible.  The PBIS Team at Culbert Elementary leads the implementation of PBIS through a program of school-wide-positive behavior expectations, incentives, and recognition opportunities for student and staff.

    School Clothes

    Clothing should fit, be neat and clean and conform to standards of decency. Please have him/her wear sneakers or rubber soled shoes on P.E. days so that he/she can participate effectively.

    Homework/Make-up Work

    Homework is an essential extension of the learning that takes place in school. Parents can help their children by providing a quiet, comfortable place for their children to work, and by seeing that assignments are completed. Children up through third grade should spend no more than 30 minutes on homework. Grades four and five should spend no more than one hour. If your child is regularly spending more than the recommended time completing his/her homework, please contact the teacher to discuss alternatives or strategies for home.

    School Closings/Delayed Openingsl Early Closings Due to Weather:

    Delay and Closing Announcements are made on the following stations:

    TV - Channels 4,5, 7 and 9 Website - lcps.org

    Early Closings - It is important that you have a plan for your child in the event of an early closing. Hislher teacher needs to know how your child will get home on a day that school closes early due to inclement weather. Please keep this information up to date.


    Classroom parties are limited to three per year. Usually, teachers ask parent volunteers to assist with these parties.

    Keep us in the loop - How do we contact you?

    Your emergency contact information is vital to us. Please complete that information (addresses, phone numbers, and names of those adults you permit to take your child from school) and make certain that it is kept current. Updates or changes to this information need to be made in writing. Your phone number and email address may be updated by accessing the following website: https://www.lcps.org

    Illness or Injury

    In case of illness or injury, a student will be cared for by a member of the school staff, preferably the health clinic assistant. The parent or authorized adult will be called to pick up a student who is ill. If serious illness or injury occurs, 911 will be contacted prior to parent notification.

    Taking Your Child Home

    We will contact you if your child exhibits symptoms of illness, so you may pick up and give him or her proper care.

    Medication at School

    Forms to administer prescription or over-the-counter medications are available in the school office, clinic or online at www.lcps.org.


    Medication Guidelines
    • The parent or guardian must bring the medication to and from school
    • The medication must be in the original container with the prescription label
    • The form for either prescription medications or over-the-counter medications needs to be completed and brought in with the medicine(s).
    • The school must be notified about all medication, including cough drops.
    • To limit the spread of illnesses, notify the school office if your child gets head lice, strep throat, chicken pox or other contagious illnesses.

    open or add to a meal account, parents should send a check or cash to the cafeteria manager with their child in the morning. Make checks payable to County of Loudoun. When a child's account has a negative balance, you'll be notified by phone. An alternative lunch will be served to any child who has a negative balance of $5 or more. If you need help paying for your child's lunches, please contact the principal or our cafeteria manager.

    You may also pay for lunches via the internet. You may access this service at www.myschoolbucks.com.

    Got Milk?

    Milk is served with lunch or can be purchased separately for 50 cents.

    Join us for a meal-

    Please join your child for lunch any time you'd like. To make certain that there is a lunch prepared for you, please phone the office by l0:00 am to let us know you'll be coming. Adult breakfast costs $2.35 and lunch is $4.00 - please check the monthly menu and let us know when you'll be here so we can plan for you.


    Birthdays are announced each day on morning announcements. No food is to be brought in to share for birthdays at school. Thank you for your understanding.

    As you can understand, party invitations are not suitable for distribution at school. Social arrangements should be made from home to avoid hurt feelings and to limit distraction from the school's academic focus. However, if your child is inviting everyone in his/her class, please work with the classroom teacher to have the invitations distributed at school.

Last Modified on January 22, 2015