• After School Programs


    SPRING 2020 Programs


    Classes are from 2:40pm – 3:40pm.

    Transportation home will need to be provided by the parent/guardian. Walking home without adult supervision is not allowed. If the student is enrolled in CASA/YMCA, the child will be escorted back to CASA/YMCA at the end of the session.

    All classes are on a first-come, first-served basis. Refunds will be only be issued if the class is full or cancelled due to lack of enrollment.


    MONDAY 2/24-4/20

    Board Games with Friends | Grades K-5 | $140 Students will learn how to play popular board games, such as checkers and connect 4, and have fun playing with their friends! Offered by our own Liberty staff member, Mrs. Skeins.

    Chess Program | Grades 1-5 | $166 A unique quick-improvement curriculum will be used. What to Expect: Absolute Beginners will be ready to play a complete chess game. Intermediate Kids will boost their chess knowledge. Chess players outperformed the average students in the country. By: Stuart Marguelis, PhD. of Prodigy School of CHESS and STEM.

    Gymnastics & Tumbling | Grades K-5 | $140 Students will work on basic stretching/flexibility, strength work, tumbling skills, and low balance beam skills. This class is very individualized to the skill level of the student. If students took the class in the fall, they will continue to progress into more difficult gymnastics skills. Offered by our own Liberty staff member, Mrs. Wrighte.

    Introduction to Computer Science & Coding | Grades 1-5 | $153 Intro to CS & Coding teaches programming logic without the requirement of learning a new language, making it the perfect foundation for any other computer science or technology subject. Students start with hands-on activities that help them learn vital concepts in a tangible way, then use our easy drag-and-drop interface to put their new knowledge into play, to create programs, solve problems and even make games. With the help of our experienced instructors, students will learn functions, variables, conditionals and more in a fun environment. Students will leave the course with their final project, and a strong base for future technological learning. By STEM exCEL.

    Memories Created | Grades 3-5 | $140 Using personal photos of choice, students will create a unique and beautiful photo album. Students will learn about 'page design' and will use specific 'creative memory tools' such as dye cuts, stickers, borders & more to showcase their creative styles with pictures! Students will learn how to put together a creative album they cannot wait to share with friends and family using their favorite photos. Offered by our own Liberty staff member, Mrs. Foley.

    TUESDAY 2/18-4/21

    Basketball | Grades 2-5 | $140 Learn some basics, rules, and games to build those foundation skills in basketball. Offered by our own Liberty staff member, Mrs. Davis.

    Mad Scientist Experiments | Grades 2-5 | $140 Want to make things explode? Make a mess and learn about all science? Come button up your lab coat and strap on some goggles. We are going mad... for science! Offered by our own Liberty staff member, Mrs. Donaldson.

    Painting Masterpieces | Grades K-5 | $140 Creativity is an important 21st century skill, but the highly structured school day does not always provide an outlet in which students can develop and use their creative talents. This after school painting club will provide students with the opportunity to develop and use their art skills while having fun painting masterpieces. Offered by our own Liberty staff member, Mrs. Eichner.

    Percussion Ensemble | Grades 4-5 | $140 If you are in 4th or 5th grade and you love playing instruments, creating sounds out of everyday objects, learning complex and challenging rhythms, banging on things, jamming out to familiar and new tunes, and being a part of a team, then you will love joining Liberty's first ever 4th and 5th Grade Percussion Ensemble! This spring, members of the percussion ensemble will have the opportunity to play the Orff instruments (xylophones, metallophones, and glockenspiels), every kind of drum we have at Liberty, all different kinds of hand percussion instruments, boomwhackers, 5-gallon buckets, trash cans, pencils, rulers, and MORE! You do NOT want to miss this. Offered by our own Liberty staff member, Ms. DeMember.

    The Scribble Society | Grades 1-3 | $140 Want to clean up your handwriting? Want to practice your cursive? Join The Scribble Society, where you'll practice your neatest handwriting as you learn (or continue to improve upon) cursive! Also features silly sentences, wacky facts, and some artsy new ways to write! Offered by our own Liberty staff member, Ms. Ricci.


    WEDNESDAY 2/19-4/15 

    Mad Scientist Experiments | Grades 2-5 | $140 Want to make things explode? Make a mess and learn about all science? Come button up your lab coat and strap on some goggles. We are going mad... for science! Offered by our own Liberty staff member, Mrs. Donaldson.

    Mini Junk Food and Fruit Plushies Hand Sewing & Crafting Class! | Grades 2-5 | $183 Students have a blast learning how to hand sew a new mini junk food or fruit plushie each class! Then if time allows craft a mini bed or accessory to go with your new fuzzy friend! Some projects include a pineapple emoji plushie, pizza slice plushie, pancake complete with syrup and butter and MORE. Have fun and be creative in this awesome learning experience! By Cupcakes and Lace Sewing & Crafting Studio.

    Spanish for Beginners | Grades K-3 | $140 Conversations in Spanish. Fun learning games on colors, numbers and greetings. Offered by our own Liberty staff member, Mrs. Ramirez.

    Spikeball Intro | Grades K-5 | $140 Love at first SPIKE! You've seen that little black and yellow trampoline game all over but still have no clue why groups of people are spiking a ball down into it. Finally, you'll get some answers! Spikeball is a new sport that's sweeping the nation. It's commonly referred to as a mix between volleyball and four-square, creating a new agility-based game using a plethora of skills! Offered by our own Liberty staff member, Mr. Lang.

    Typing Club |Grades 3-5 | $140 Typing is a 21st century skill that students need to learn. In Liberty's first year of one-to-one devices, students who know how to type properly can complete assignments faster and easier, with less frustration. In addition, typing knowledge will help students in middle and high school. During typing club, students will learn how to type and will use their own devices to practice the skills they learn. Additionally, typing club will have a designated "movement break" each week, during which students take a quick break from their screens and move around, interacting with each other. Offered by our own Liberty staff member, Mrs. Potter. 


    THURSDAY 2/20-4/16

    Comic Book Illustration | Grades 1-5 | $153 Let students explore the incredible world of Comic Book Illustration and learn to take their creativity to a whole new level! Students will learn about character development, storyboarding, panelling, story design, color theory and how to hone their art style. Instructors will teach students how to create comics using tradition art along with digital software, so they may work comfortably in whichever medium they prefer. By the end of the course, each student will leave with their very own comic book they created in class, along with a strong introduction to digital art processes and comic composition concepts. By STEM exCEL.

    Drama Kids | Grades K-5 | $169 Drama Kids offers an exciting program for kids in Grades K-5. Our enriching and time-tested curriculum is designed not only to teach acting skills, but also to build student confidence, encourage teamwork, and bolster public speaking skills. Each week, we teach individual lessons that focus on skills like projection, articulation, improvisation, characterization, stage presence, etc. The students get to perform in every class--sometimes through scripted works and sometimes in plays they write themselves. Space is limited for the class. Enroll today to reserve your child's spot in this exciting and empowering program! By NOVA Drama Kids.

    Kinder-Tech | Grade K | $153 Kinder-Tech is the perfect course for Kindergartners to learn about technology in a fun way, tailored to their specific age group! Students will be introduced to the full gamut of STEM courses: programming, game design, Minecraft modding, electronics, digital art, 3D printing and more! Our instructors have been especially trained to educate this age group on their level, and will be able to offer strong support for your little learners. Students will develop a working foundation and comfort level for the technology, while improving their dexterity with the hardware, which will greatly advance their understanding and interest for future classes. By STEM exCEL.

    Mudskippers Pottery | Grades K-5 | $188 Join us as we explore the exciting world of pottery! Each session, students will learn new techniques as they tackle new projects. Every assignment is connected to an art history lesson that is sure to spark your child's imagination. Students will hone fine motor skills through hand building and glazing their pottery masterpieces while expressing their personal vision. We fire all pieces in our professional studio making them functional and also dishwasher safe. No experience is required. Sign up today and see how much fun it is to get muddy! By Mudskippers Pottery.

    USTA Youth Tennis Program | Grades 3-5 | $170 The first and only national tennis enrichment program in the country. Students will develop tennis skills utilizing kid-friendly equipment in a play-to-learn style that gets them rallying and having fun right away. All first-time students receive a wristband, a hat, and a student handbook. Program is taught by USTA-trained coaches and all tennis equipment is provided during the class. By USTA - Mid-Atlantic Section.




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