• Environmental Science
    Course Description: 

    In science, a special emphasis is placed on the research process in all grades. Environmental science provides opportunity to synthesize the disparate pieces of physics, chemistry, earth science and biology while developing the Naturalist Intelligence. Students will gain an understanding of ecological concepts including, air, water, soil, biological diversity and human impacts. Inquiry skills will be developed through fieldwork, service projects, and collaborative investigation while using appropriate technology. Because of the interdisciplinary focus, students are challenged with diverse topics, rigorous reading requirements, and opportunity for written and oral presentation.



    Topics of Investigation include: Air, atmospheric structure, pollution, weather dynamics, Biodiversity, Bioethics, Conservation, Ecology, Energy production, consumption, alternatives, Environmental economics, Land, geomorphology, soil, use and reclamation, Natural History of Loudoun, Populations, biodiversity, limiting factors, water, watershed ecology, vernal pools, pollution


    Environmental Science Faculty
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