• How to use the 1000 Book Kid Program


    1.  Select books to read – Select a bag of ten books you wish to borrow.  Inside the front zipper pocket, you will find a list of the contents of the bag.  The list has been printed on this sheet.  Please check to be certain that the bag contains all of the books listed.


    2.  Sign out the bag you selected – Remove the sign-out card from the front zipper pocket of the bag.  Sign you child’s name and the current date on the card and place it in the index card box.  Please be sure to place the card in the index card box behind the corresponding number of the bag you will borrow.


    3.  Read and enjoy the books with your child – Each book has been carefully selected to help develop your child’s love of reading! 


    4.  Return the bag of books – Within two weeks, return the bag to school.  Please check the contents of the bag to make certain you have returned all of the books.  If you find that a book is missing or damaged, please notify one of the reading teachers, so that they may replace or repair the book.  Remove the sign-out card from the index card box, cross off your child’s name, and replace the card in the front zipper pocket of the bag.


    Replace the bag on the book cart under the corresponding number.


    If you wish to have your child or an older sibling return and select bags, please tell him/her to take the bag to one of the reading teachers (room 201), and ask for assistance.


    5.  Record your child’s progress – Find your child’s record sheet in the 1000 Book Kid Binder.  Write the date next to the bag number you have just returned.  As you and your child reach the milestones of 25, 50, 75, and 100 bags, fill out an incentive sheet (located in the back of the binder).  Place the incentive sheet in the plastic file envelope located on the book cart.  You will receive a phone call when your award is ready!


    School Hours for Book Bag Exchange

    When school is in session, the book exchange is available:  8:00AM - 6:00PM.

     During the summer months, the book exchange is available:  9:00AM - 3:00PM.  

    The school is closed on weekends and holidays.