• Technical Drawing & Design 


    Our school has gone to a standard course location for course calendars. Please visit Google classroom for links to assignments and supporting materials. 


    Technical Drawing/Design  provides is a beginning level technical course designed to give students the fundamental skills and concepts underlying graphic presentations.

    In this foundation course, students learn the basic language of technical design, and they design, sketch, and make technical drawings, models, or prototypes of real design problems. The course is especially recommended for future engineering and architecture students.

    CLICK HERE for additional information and a copy of the letter to students covered during the first class meeting. This letter gives a description of the course and required materials.

    Students in Technical Drawing will complete the State Course Competencies for the Technical Drawing and Design Course:
    1. I usually arrive at school at 8 A.M. on most days.  I am available then for extra help or instruction. Makeup work or extra credit can also be completed at this time. Students must check with me before the day they would like to come for help to make sure I will be here.
    2. The AutoCAD certification test is going to be given each year to second year students in Architectural and/or Engineering drawing.
Last Modified on September 9, 2019