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Lauren ScofieldImportant message to parents: Due to the increasing occurrence of email spam and computer viruses, we ask that parents place their child's name in the subject line when emailing school faculty and staff. Please refer to the Email Guidelines page for more information.

Principal Shawn Lyons
Assistant Principal  Beth Cipriano

Office Staff:  
Bookkeeper  Grace Vigil
Attendance Secretary  Angie Ferrer 
Parent Liaison 
School Nurse Alyson Kreitzman 
Guidance Counselors Amy Friedman

Kindergarten Alison Harris
Assistant  Kelly McGaughey
KindergartenTerri Magoffin
AssistantLisa Bellmer
Kindergarten  Deb Mokhiber

1st Grade  Brooke Boatright 
  Sara Edwards 
  Julie Huffman
  Jennifer Koch
2nd Grade  Katie Anderson
  Devon Becker
  Sara Cady
  Jennifer Noland
 Abby Wallner 
3rd Grade Jill Casten
  Daneesha Davis 
  Brandon Gauthier
 Kristin Yovienne
  Amy Sorensen
4th Grade  Brittany Dunham
 Chrissy DiMarco
  Teresa Folsom
 Scott Hackett
 Sherry Mannino
 Brittny Hamilton
5th Grade  Lauren Scofield
  Maureen Fornatora
  Linda Haberlin
  Martha Potts 
Erica Rea
Joy Reiner
Librarian  Angela Crawford
Library Assistant Molly Quick
Reading Resource  Donna White 
  Alison Papazian 
Art Scott Sprengel 
 Mary Green
Music Rebecca Moseley 
  Jillian Bertoia
Technology Resource Kimberly Rouse 
Technology Assistant  Bernie Sullivan 
SEARCH  Becky O'Bannon
Physical Education  Michael Koscinski 
Tammy Nemish 
Austin Campbell
Autism  Kaitlyn Bouchard
Assistants  Barbara Wong 

John Holland

Tetyana Duplyakina
Autism Gina DeGaetano 
Assistants    Lisa Boyle 
 Erum Bano 
Cross Categorical Tim Falso
Assistant Tamara Maslowski
Cross Categorical Colleen Willis
Assistant  Claire Mann
Cross Categorical  Maureen Shanosky
Assistant  Linda Alexander
Cross Categorical Betsy Waiter
Precision Roxanne Gustillo
Preschool  Lina Risheq
Assistant     Sharon Frye
Assistant Kristin Lovell

ELL Kwon Bae
Psychologist  Jenny Cuminsky 
Educational Diagnostician 
Occupational Therapist  Alison Snell 
Physical Therapist  Nancy Lynch 
Cafeteria ManagerJen Bernui 
Head Custodian  Ana Ciciliano